• Image of The Complete Devilspit Set (MOJO, ORIGINAL & EXTREME)

The complete Devilspit collection - 3 full size bottles of hot sauce.

1x Devilspit Mojo
1x Devilspit Original
1x Devilspit Extreme

OK, so here’s the deal, I love hot sauce… the hotter the better, but I know a lot folks out there can’t handle the burn. Nothing wrong with that! So lots of people are telling me they would love to try my sauce but are a little bit wary, so I’ve made a mild version of my famous ‘Devilspit’ and it’s called ‘Mojo’. It has all the flavour of the original but without the kick, the heat, the ball grabbing teeth… you get me?! It still tickles but it won’t leave you weeping for Jesus after a drop or two.

Now some of you chilliphiles will be yelling, ‘sell out!’, but I would like everyone to try the smoky goodness of my hot sauce and with ‘Mojo’ you can make this a family affair… hey I reckon even your Gran would like a dab of ‘Mojo’ on her buttered baps!

So go on be a Devil… something this mild has never been so hot!

Made to my own secret recipe Devilspit is a gourmet combination of Naga chilies, BBQ & beer. Three of my favorite things all in one bottle. This one will not be the hottest sauce I bring out, but it’s a good introduction to the line and, trust me, it will hurt a little… say a 6/10 on the heat scale, around 100,000 scovilles… like being punched in the face by an angel. The sauce is handmade with all natural ingredients and definitely no chilli extract, just pure honest heat and a flavor that will leave your mouth begging for more. If the Devil spawned a hot sauce he would name it ‘Devilspit’!
What’s not to love!

This sauce packs an atomic punch! Again made with Naga chillies, Beer and Chipotle, it’s the bigger brother of my original sauce ‘Devilspit’ and comes in at around 400000 scovilles… a nice burn!! Yes, there are plenty of hotter sauces out there but in my opinion they all kind of taste the same. With my sauces it’s all about heat AND flavour, and Extreme pushes all the right buttons. A gourmet hot sauce for the serious chilliphile….go on, be a devil! I dare you!

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