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A CD copy of CJ's acclaimed 2014 album Mable.

Don't just take our word for it

If you needed an album to brighten your day just blast out the likes of 'Always Believe Her' or 'Kentucky Fried' and all your troubles will be forgotten and drowned out by the best damn melodies you will hear this year. Not many albums will touch 'Mable' this year
Uber Rock

‘Down The Drain’ is, it must be said, the absolutely outstanding track. Sleazy riff, like a bubblegum Rob Zombie, the video is a cracker, with a geriatric Graham Parker-like busting his moves. Once you hear this song, you put it on repeat.
Louder Than War

Quite simply there isn’t a weak song on Mable 4.5/5
Pure Rawk

CJ may have been ‘retired’ for a few years but he’s lost none of his musical talent and ‘Mable’ is a stormer of a return for this Wildheart
Musical Free Dumb

this (Mable) is without a doubt the greatest thing CJ has ever done
Get Your Rock Out

If 10-foot-tall riffs and catchy choruses are your bag then you are reading the right review
Classic Rock Magazine

Better Late Than Never
Down The Drain
Next To You
Always Believe Her
Kentucky Fried
Come With Me
State Of Emergency
Midlife Crisis