• Image of Devilspit (Original)
  • Image of Devilspit (Original)

1 x 5oz Bottle of Devilspit containing a min of 160g of sauce.

Made to my own secret recipe Devilspit is a gourmet combination of Naga chilies, BBQ & beer. Three of my favorite things all in one bottle. This one will not be the hottest sauce I bring out, but it’s a good introduction to the line and, trust me, it will hurt a little… say a 6/10 on the heat scale, around 100,000 scovilles… like being punched in the face by an angel. The sauce is handmade with all natural ingredients and definitely no chilli extract, just pure honest heat and a flavor that will leave your mouth begging for more. If the Devil spawned a hot sauce he would name it ‘Devilspit’!
What’s not to love!

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